Friday, January 19, 2007

Whistle blowing

Whistle blowing mat be defined as the attempt by an employee or former employee of an organization to disclose what he or she believes to be wrong-doing in or by the organization. Like blowing a whistle to call attention to a thief, whistle blowing is an effort to make others aware of practices one considers illegal or immoral or unethical. If it is reported t someone higher in the organization it is said to be internal. If it is reported to outside groups such as reporters, public interest groups or regulatory agencies, it is said to be external.

Under what conditions is WB justified? There are varied views to this
(i) Some have argued that WB is never justified because employees have absolute obligations of confidentiality and loyalty to the organization for which they work
(ii) It has also been argued that WB is always justified because it is an exercise of the right to freedom of speech.

The criteria for justifiable WB-
(a) The firm through its product/policy will do serious and considerable harm to the public
(b) Once an employee identifies the threat, he/she should report it to his/her immediate superior and make his/her moral concern known
(c) If one’s immediate superior does not act, the employee should exhaust internal procedures within the firm-take it up to the manager, board of directors etc
(d) The WBlower should have evidence to back his claims

Factors to consider in WB

(a) Make sure that the situation is one that warrants WB-Situation should involve immoral actions which are harmful to others
(b) Examine your motives
(c) Verify and document your information
(d) Determine the type of wrong doing involved and to whom it should be reported
(e) State your allegations in an appropriate way
(f) Stick to the facts
(g) Decide if WB has to be internal or external
(h) Decide if WB has to be open or anonymous
(i) Consult lawyer
(j) Anticipate and document retaliation

You can cite examples of Dr. Subba Rao, Admiral Vishnu Bhagwat, Arthur Andersen, Dr. Fitzgerald
How bureaucrats can shape the Morality of Politicians? (.Khairnar,.TN Seshan,Chandrasekhar,Mun com of Surat Rao Puncutality,Services,etc )